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CONCEPT : EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF THE SITE I think that the weekend home in the mountain in addition to the weekday home in the city is intended to provide variation to the lives of the users. The "inwardness" as well as "non-physical" nature of our relationship to our surrounding in the city tends to leave us "shielded" from the nature as well as our physical-self. I see that the weekend home in the mountain serves not necessary to take us "away" from the city life (because city life itself can also be wonderful and stimulating in one way) but to "expose" us to the "missing components" that would give all of us a more "balanced" existence.

Therefore, the house should "expose" the users to the positive sides of the surrounding (the mountainous context, a view of the Great Wall, the clear sky full of stars, good air, various viewpoints) but at the same time has to be able to "shield" the users from the natural elements that might be too harsh for human being to take (the most fundamental idea of shelter). The idea is concentrating on creating strong relationship between the indoor / outdoor space(s) in terms of terraces and courts.

The Shared House has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The dining room is connected to the living room. An extra-large table is especially useful when you dine with several friends.

The Shared House stresses communication and the sense of sharing. In the second floor bedroom is a row of beds. One large bathroom has two big bathtubs for you and your friend to chat while taking a bath. In the roof of the living room there is a protruding oblong-shaped glass window that makes the room transparent. The designer of the Shared House, Kanika R'Kul, is the only female architect among the 12 designers.

Suitable activities: new product launches, fashion parties, young people's parties, wedding ceremonies and fashion launches.

Kanika R’kul (Thailand)

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