'See' and 'Seen' House 410㎡


To go to the mountain is for sightseeing. The No. 3 site faces north and the northeast has a broad view with ranges. The near view is No. 1 Villa, the medium view is the community club and the distance view rolling mountains. Therefore, the living room and the dining room are designed to face north and the bedrooms are designed to face northeast and be fully open.

Blocking the landscape should be avoided in the first place when building houses in mountains. The architect should bear in mind that No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 Villas are at behind. Therefore, the living room and dining room can crouch in the bushes by sitting on the sunken terrace, the top of which is covered with earth and grass. The ridge thus becomes a glass one. The bedrooms are designed in parallel with the mountain mass, so the vision of the valley is kept unobstructed and the mountainous ground continues by propping up the structure of the house.

Who Comes for the Weekend?
People other than masters and maid who will come for a visit are uncertain either in terms of the number, their relationship or sex. So the living room connects with the dining room, the outdoor spaces link with the indoors, and thus a gathering lot is created. Except the master bedroom, other rooms can be divided and arranged freely to form rooms in different sizes. There are two toilets which, when necessary, can be used for men and women respectively. The master bedroom is raised above the terrace, so as to have exclusive access to both clear vision and privacy. Thus design enables the restroom to open to the outside view and guests can enjoy the landscape when taking a bath. When the masters are out, the maid should stay under the porch and need not enter the room unless for cleaning. The kitchen is open, and more like a bar counter. When there are many visiting friends, the delicacies prepared in the council chambers will be offered through a special exit without disturbing the visitors. In addition, there is a driver’s room, laundry, facility room and a garage in the Villa.

Lighting Chamber
In the dark night, a lantern will light up your way back home. It is the glass lobby that welcomes you home. A two-floor high lighting chamber is shared by the living room and bedrooms. Inside the chamber, with the change of the time in a day, the sunshine, the lamp light, grilles, and shadow of the trees paint pictures on the walls. Outside the chamber, with the change of seasons, the grass, green vines, yellow leaves and ice crystal varies the scene, expressing the harmonious dialogue between man and nature.

Since Phase I is small in scale, and located in the mountain valley far away from the city, it is uneconomic to use commercial concrete for field casting. Steel structure (living room and bedrooms) and a small portion of brick and concrete structure (subsidiary houses and walls) are adopted here.

The living room sinks some one meter below the ground level and the earth dug up needs not to be taken away for it can be used for leveling the courtyard and covering the roof. If a big rock is encountered, with slight sculpturing, it can be used as furniture or furnishings in the living room.

Heat preservation and energy saving should be considered for the exterior construction, such as: earth covering, insulated floor slab and roofing, three-layer hollow glass windows and doors and especially the treatment of cold bridge at the junctions between outdoor and indoor of the steel structure.

Construction materials:

  • Steel--structure and stairs;
  • Aluminum sheet-- exterior finish;
  • Glass-- windows, partition wall and glass lantern; Stone -- retaining wall and floor;
  • Timber-- flooring, ceiling, outdoor terrace and furniture; Vegetable soil--covering on the roof;
  • Grit-- courtyard ground;

Repetition and Diversity:

  • This concept is also applicable for other sites, with the basic condition being a terrain with height difference.
  • The angle between bedrooms and the living room can be adjusted.
  • The glass of the glass lantern can be altered (transparent glass, frosted glass, glass with printing or tinted glass).
  • The compartments of bedrooms can be changed.
  • The area is variable.
  • Fixed furnishings can be varied.
  • Interior materials can be changed.

There are four cosy bedrooms and an open kitchen. The host bedroom has a built-in bathroom while the other three share two bathrooms. The living room on the ground floor is connected to the dining room. The bathroom in the host bedroom is walled by large glass sheets that reach the floor to let the mountain view penetrate while you are having a bath.

The No. 3 House originally had a poetic name: See & Seen. With smooth communication between the inside and the outside, the house harmoniously reconciles wide views with living privacy. People inside the house can watch the hills while watched by the hills outside. Endless pleasures are generated by seeing and being seen.

Various fashionable parties can be held here. The living room with a fireplace provides an ideal place for private gatherings, small news briefings and seminars.

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