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I believe that the major role of architecture is to provide a space for people to encounter something or someone. An important task for architecture is to make people go where they would have never visited without that building and see some unforeseen, unknown topography or landscape, be it urban or natural.

Also, architecture can be an opportunity for people to come together, to encounter one another and come into contact with the spirits of others in the anonymous field of the urban city or nature. It can thus become a place of accumulated memories for all people who meet there either on purpose or by accident. It also gives people the possibility to remind themselves of their values through a spatial memory of a building.

The task of building a residence in the beautiful forest by the Great Wall creates an opportunity for an encounter with unknown people, as well as with the very particular topography and views of the Great Wall in the distance. In the interior of the house, scooped out of the woods, people will feel like they are encircled by forest even when in the house. It is here that one can sense, as Alberto Giacommetti described, being a ball of light within the vast expanse of forest. In other words, people are led here by the architecture, to commune with nature and with precious friends, and in so doing sense something of the sentiment of Giacometti. The project employs ordinary local materials; however, it will form an extraordinary space through its novel methods of construction. From the rooms with repeated vertical slits, people will view each different scene from their occupied space, and the view of nature will change as they move around in the room. After all, a visitor will actively choose their location in the room so that they can enjoy their own spatial experience. It is like "editing" the experience and is a beginning of continuous interaction between architecture, topography, and forest.

The Forest House has four bedrooms with the host bedroom having a built-in bathroom. The dining room and the kitchen are separated from each other. Encircled by trees, the dining room is airy and refreshing as if in the forest. It can hold ten people having dinner.

The facade of the Forest House is decorated with long glass sheets in interesting contrast with the surrounding trees. Seen from afar, the Forest House resembles a bird's nest in a tree. In fine weathers, you may luckily see squirrels bounce in the trees from the small living room.

Various parties, conferences can be held inside the house, and barbeques and private meetings can take place on the terrace.

Nobuaki Furuya (Japan)

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