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Architecture is not the way the architect expresses himself. Rather, architecture gets its own expression through its location. In other words: A house in the mountains is different from a house in the city. A house in the mountains of Badaling is different from a house in the mountains of Sanya, although designed by the same architect.

The cantilever house is a natural consequence not of the specific site, but of the slope of the mountain. A consequence not of the specific location of the sun but of the need of it. The consequence of not having a specific user but sensitive and cultivated people. The consequence of sharing the same site with The Great Wall not as a neighbor, but to contemplate it. How does the house in The Commune by The Great Wall want to express itself through me?

Cantilever: The house could be attached to any slope of the valley’s hill.

The access road could be up or down the slope.

There could be few changes to the original topography.

Austere: Simple geometry. Natural and simple use of materials, concrete, cement, Red bricks, wood, Bamboo, Glass.

“La promenade architectural”: walking through the house is a rich, exciting and spiritual experience.

Roof garden: As long as it is in the Commune by The Great Wall, the garden belongs to the community. The house needs its own private garden which to be the “belvedere” to the whole landscape.

There are four bedrooms each with a different view, with the host bedroom and one guest room respectively having a built-in bathroom. The bedrooms are floored with light-coloured wood that is compatible with the sights and sunlight outside the windows. The light and spacious and living room is decorated in nostalgia-inspiring pink and has a balcony attached to it. An independent kitchen helps keep smoke from spreading. The Great Wall valley can be seen from the second floor terrace. The roof yard overlooks the whole Commune.

By a zigzagging path behind the Canteliver House, you may climb to the Great Wall in ten minutes.

Suitable activities: various parties, wedding ceremonies, barbeque or cocktail parties, corporate high-level meetings or parties for colleagues.

Antonio Ochoa (China)

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