Bamboo Wall 716㎡


Our first aim was to learn from the formality of the Great Wall. We were constantly attracted to the fact that the Great Wall has never been an isolated object. The formal quality of it running almost endlessly along the undulating ridge line without being isolated from the surrounding environment was the quality that most intrigued us. Its appeal was as a criticism of the conventional form of 'architecture' that tends to seek to be an isolated object in an environment. Thus our intention was to apply the nature of the Great Wall to the act of dwelling. This is why the house is titled 'WALL', instead of 'HOUSE'.

As for the material, we used bamboo as much as possible, since it possesses a significant meaning among both Chinese and Japanese cultures. Depending on the density of bamboo and its diameter, it offers a variety of options for partitioning the space. In order to make the most of these characteristics, we decided to install a bamboo wall, which is a layer of bamboo along the site's inclination, just like the Great Wall. The Great Wall in the past portioned off two cultures, but this bamboo wall will not only partition but also unite lives and cultures in many different ways.

The Bamboo Wall has six bedrooms. The host bedroom and guest rooms all have separate bathrooms. A tea room, the climax of the Bamboo Wall, is encircled by lean bamboos on four sides. While sipping tea inside, one can spot a beacon tower on the Great Wall looming through the crevices in the bamboo walls. The ten-odd-square-metre tea room hangs over water, emanating a strong spirit of Zen Buddhism. Besides the open kitchen, the living room and the dining rooms are interlinked. One of them is next to the hill, with its glass French window almost touching the grasses and trees outside. One wall of the living room is covered by a duck’s down mat, which helps fend off summer hot and winter cold. There are two stone bridges inside the house, one leading to the tea room and the other connecting the dining room and a passage to the guest rooms

Suitable activities: High-level corporate meetings, private gatherings, and meetings with guests.

Kengo Kuma (Japan)

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