Airport 603㎡


Because of the special historical and environmental significance of the site, our first principle was to respect the history of the land, and design a structure that would blend in with the environment and return to nature.

The most striking aspect of the structure is the stone wall that is set in the sloping land of the site, forming a marked contrast with the ground's steep slope. The wall is made with stones collected from the site, making it resemble somewhat the Great Wall of China, but also suggesting a spinal column of a living creature. The matrix space of the site changes along with the natural environment and individuals' behavior, rationalizing the space of the structure to the land.

The house has four bedrooms and a sauna with a natural stone-made bath. Three living rooms extend to different directions just like the boarding corridors at an air terminal. There is also a half-underground private room that contributes much to the polygon style.

Two walls embedded in the hillslope seem to echo the Great Wall in the distance, as if yearning for returning to nature. Behind the walls are rooms with a row of windows opening onto the hill with flowers and trees growing within your hand reach. A 14-metre-long corridor serves as a place for repose and sightseeing.

Suitable activities: themed parties, private gatherings, various exhibitions, artistic performances, fashion shows, new product launches, etc.

Chien Hsueh-Yi

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Commune by the Great Wall

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